Lima Legionnaires Charity Bingo

Information and FAQs

We are the Lima Legionnaires Charity Bingo and have been providing assistance to local community charities in and around Lima, Ohio now for over 20 years. Our licensed charitable bingo operations are used to fund that purpose.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to change and become creative in how we now operate.  That means being able to provide a quality bingo experience via a “virtual” or “remote” format which we now offer in addition to our regularly scheduled “in-person” games here at the bingo hall.

Remote Bingo Information

Our remote bingo experience starts with allowing customers to purchase use of a portable handheld computer that acts as a substitute for their presence at the bingo hall for a specific bingo session.  In compliance with Ohio bingo laws all customers must 18 years of age or older to purchase use of a computer.

You are buying use of the same physical computer that you would purchase if you were actually here playing in-person with us, and that computer is able to play bingo for you whether you are actually sitting in front of it or not.

Then, in order to make the experience just as enjoyable for you at home, we are able to provide you with the serial number to that computer, which you can then use to load a virtual screen allowing you to see exactly what that computer is doing at any time throughout the night.  That virtual screen can be viewed on most any home computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart TV using a web browser.

Those serial numbers are posted to under “Bingo Spreadsheets” every bingo night around 5:30 PM. Customers can grab their number there and then head over to “See Your Card Online” to load up their screen.  Game play begins at 6:00 PM.

And, of course, you can also follow along with the live stream straight from the bingo hall on Facebook Live as well at

How to Order a Computer

Visit our web site at  Then click on “Purchase Event Entry Tickets”.  Then select the session that you wish to play in.  Follow the instructions to create an account with us and then to make your purchase to attend one of our remote bingo events.  An e-mail confirmation will then be sent to you once your order is completed.

Make sure that you get an e-mail confirmation for the computer order or you may not have completed the order!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I locate my receipt of purchase for my computer(s)?

A: The receipt of purchase for your computer(s) can be located in the email account that you used when purchasing through our website.

***NOTE: If you can’t find it in your Inbox, it may be located in your Spam or Junk mail.***

Q: How do I view tonight’s live bingo session?

A: Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Scroll down the page to see the video or select “Watch the Action on FaceBook Live”.

Q: Why does the Facebook Live I’m viewing seem BEHIND?

A: If you go out of the Facebook Live window for any reason (i.e. to answer a call or text, to look at something else on your device) or manually PAUSE it, the Facebook Live session will pick up where it was when you left. You must do the following to bring yourself current:

Step 1. Click on the actual Facebook Live video.

Step 2. If the video does not say LIVE in RED or there is a fast-forward option when you return, then you are behind.

Step 3. Continue to click on the LIVE button until the LIVE in the top left-hand corner is RED.

Q: How do I find my Assigned Computer serial number?

A: Step 1. Go to and select “Bingo Spreadsheets”.

Step 2. Locate and click on the Assigned Computers tab on the page

Step 3. Scroll through the alphabetized (by last name) list until you find your name.

Q: How do I view my cards on my computer(s) at home?

A: Step 1. Go to and select “See Your Card Online”.  At this time the following screen will appear:

Step 2. Using the keypad that appears on your computer screen, enter your Assigned Computer serial number.  Once the serial number has been correctly entered then click on “Done”.

Your player viewing screen will then appear.  The screen is best viewed in a screen that will accommodate a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Q: Why aren’t my bingo cards and game play being viewed at home are not staying in sync with what is seen on the Facebook Live feed?

A: In these rare instances this is attributed to a poor Internet connection, lack of sufficient RAM in your computer or possibly with the particular browser being used by your computer.  In such an occurrence your purchased bingo cards are still in play at the bingo hall.

Q: My home computer has a number or numbers lit up in GREEN. What does that mean?

A: If you are viewing your cards on your computer at home the number(s) that are lit in GREEN are numbers that you are set for. 

Q: My home computer said BINGO. Why wasn’t I honored with a payout?

A: If you login in the middle of a set of bingo games, the software will start on the first game of the set, often causing your home computer to say BINGO because it is still reading the first pattern and not the actual game currently being played.  This is why all payouts are based off of the physical computers in the hall.  All games should properly sync up at the completion of the current game pattern in play.

Q: How do I view payouts/winners for tonight’s bingo?

A: Step 1. Go to and select “Bingo Spreadsheets”.

Step 2. Locate and click on the Payouts/Winners tab on the page.